About Us

Yolyapı specializes in engineering and contracting services for all types of industrial applications of wet cooling towers (WCT). Since 1982, we have focused solely on the WCT business. We closely follow global technological advance in this area. Besides, we conduct an in-house R&D effort in order to adapt technology to the needs of our customers. With our state-of-the-art technology and our team of experts, we guarantee our customers the most efficient and durable solution for their cooling needs.

Yolyapı develops a unique project for each customer depending on their differing needs and operating conditions. First, we provide our customers an engineering service drafting a cooling tower proposal with the best-suited operating and maintenance requirements. After delivering the cooling tower that meets the cooling needs of the facility, we guarantee customer satisfaction by periodical maintenance, repair and spare parts services.

The foremost principle of our company is to utilize our expertise on cooling towers to the best of our customers' advantage and provide them with the most efficient cooling tower that is specially designed for their operating conditions.