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Yolyapı wet cooling towers are superior to alternative products in all aspects. Their energy consumption and maintenance expenses are low. Although they are more expensive compared to other locally produced cooling towers, their operational lifetime is much longer, which makes them the most cost-effective investment. Since their cooling performance meets customer needs exactly, they increase the efficiency of the plant and help to save money from their investment onwards. Besides, their spare parts cost less and can be obtained much faster than imported cooling towers.

When all these factors are considered, Yolyapı wet cooling towers excel in terms of product qualities among their competitors. Of course, this explains why our customers, like Cargill, Toyota, Procter&Gamble, Ford and Hyundai prefer Yolyapi Cooling Towers for their new and expansion investments.

A brief comparison of Yolyapı Wet Cooling Towers with alternative products:

 Energy ConsumptionMaintenance CostInvestment /
Operational Lifetime
Performance Spare Parts
Yolyapı LowLowCost EffectiveHighEasy/
Low Cost
Radial TowerVery HighHighMediumMediumMedium
NC TowerHighHighMediumLowMedium
Imported TowerLowMediumMediumHighDifficult/Expensive