Site-Erected Cooling Towers

Site-erected cooling towers are preferred in facilities with a water flow rate over 200m³/hr. Usually, these are large plants with high water flow rate, such as, power plants, petrochemicals plants, refineries and steel mills. These cooling towers are constructed with a structure of columns and beams. Their parts are assembled on-site.

In order to choose the right material for the structure of the cooling tower, its oparational lifetime, investment cost and construction period should be taken into consideration. Impregnated timber, concrete or fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) are commonly used material as the structure of site-erected cooling towers. Other parts which are in direct contact with water, such as, drift eliminators, spray nozzles and fill are made of PVC, PP, FRP or stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The cooling tower is placed on a cement structure at the bottom which is also used as a cold water basin.

Site-erected cooling towers can consist of many cells, whose number depends on the capacity of the plant, access for maintenance, and the cost of breakdown. The details of a site-erected cooling tower project are determined by obtaining information with our customers on their needs and operating conditions.

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