Package Type Cooling Towers

Package type cooling towers are preferred in facilities with a water flow rate between 0-1200m³/hr. Since these cooling towers are produced with Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), a material with a longer lifetime than most of its alternatives, they have low operating and maintenance costs. In fact, FRP package type cooling towers are of very high quality. Furthermore, package type cooling towers are portable since they are modular.

The structure of cooling tower as well as its columns and beams are produced with FRP. Various parts of cooling tower in direct contact with water, such as drift eliminators, water distribution system and fill are made of corrosion-resistant material like PVC, PP, FRP or stainless steel. Furthermore, cold water basin at the bottom of the cooling tower can also be produced from FRP.

Since the material used is corrosion-resistant and compatible, package type cooling towers have much longer operating life compared to other alternatives.

Besides, package type cooling towers require no painting and little maintenance.

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